Playlist for 7/27/2017

  1. Doris- “You Never Come Closer”
  2. Ronnie Ong- “Buttons and Bows”
  3. Gal Costa- “Com Medo, Com Pedro”
  4. Delta 5- “Mind Your Own Business”
  5. Ros Sereysothea- “Phen Ve Kormom”
  6. Uschi Moser- “Sunny Honey”
  7. Joel Vandroogenbroeck- “Open Air Impressions”
  8. Heidelinde Weis- “Der Superman”
  9. The Soundcarriers- “Low Light”
  10. Okko Bekker- “Santana”
  11. De Frank Jr.- “Dankasa”
  12. Janko Nilovic- “The Third Power”
  13. Madiate et Son Ensemble – “Iln, y arait Past Tout Ca”
  14. July- “Hello Who’s There?”
  15. Freddy Meyer- “Worshippin’ the Sun At Dawn”
  16. Dorothy Ashby- “The Moving Finger”
  17. Yishak Banjaw- “Fikrehoy Temekeri”

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