Playlist for 2/16/2017


  1. Cheveu, Group Doueh- “Bord De Mor”
  2. Hama- “Khoumeissa”
  3. Zazou, Bikaye, +Cy1- “Eh! Yaye”
  4. Lee Gamble- “Dolis Hill”
  5. Belbury Poly- “Rattler’s Hey”
  6. Zia- “Helelyos”
  7. Nightmares on Wax- “Now Is the Time”
  8. Yishak Banjaw- “Ageren Ayehuwat”
  9. Clark Huchinson- “Textures in 3/4”
  10. Oren Ambarchi – “Hubris Variation part 2” (Ricardo Villalobos remix)



  1. Massive Attack- “Teardrop”
  2. Dick Hyman/Mary Mayo- “I’m Glad There is You”
  3. Youandewan- “Have The Guts”
  4. Susan Christie- “Paint a Lady”
  5. The Advisory Circle- “Lonely Signalman”
  6. Joel VandroogenBroeck- “Great Valley”
  7. Broadcast- “I Found the F”
  8. Flower Man- “Post Op/Distant lands”
  9. Piero Umiliani- “Love In”
  10. Pram- “Mother of Pearl”
  11. Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan- “Vibracion”
  12. Demdike Stare- “Patchwork”
  13. Ramzi Phobiza- “Gro Bwouya”
  14. Annette Peacock- “Solar Systems”

Playlist for 2/2/2017


Tonight’s show originally aired on 9/29/2016. See that playlist for details.

Playlist for 1/26/2017


  1. Can- “Halleluwah”
  2. Mahagon- “Ve Svetle Petrolejky”
  3. Boredoms- “Heart”
  4. Popul Vuh- “In der Halle De Lemens”
  5. Dissolve- “Presume Too Far”
  6. Crispy Ambulance- “The Presence”
  7. Michael Rother- “Fontana Di Luna”

Playlist for 1/19/2017


  1. Gang of Four- “Not Great Men”
  2. Pere Ubu- “Heart of Darkness”
  3. Chrome- “Dangerzone”
  4. The Stranger- “Where Are Our Monsters Now, Where are Our Friends?”
  5. Black Widow- “In Ancient Days”
  6. Robedoor- “Cocoon of the Cross”
  7. Link Wray- “Fire and Brimstone”
  8. Sightings- “Internal Compass”
  9. Camberwell Now- “Working Nights”
  10. Cybotron- “Alleys of Your Mind”
  11. Robert Turman- “Beyond Painting”

Playlist for 1/12/2017


  1. Robert Wyatt- “A Last Straw”
  2. Lone- “Maya Codex”
  3. Walt J- “Ascender (A1)”
  4. Tony Williams Lifetime- “A Famous Blues”
  5. Beemask- “Moon Shadow Move”
  6. Man- “C’mon”
  7. Wire- “Used To”
  8. Andreas Martin & Christoph Heemann- “Die Sagenhaften Huhner”
  9. David Bowie- “Lazarus”
  10. Seefeel- “Polyfusion”
  11. Popul Vuh- “Wo Bist Du, der Du Uberwunden ?”

Playlist for 1/5/2017


  1. The Snapshots- “Hip Hip Hurray”
  2. Doctor Mix- “No Fun”
  3. Ennio Morricone- “Guerra E Pace, Pollo E Brace”
  4. Spratleys Japs- “Sparrows”
  5. Gianfranco & Gian Piero Reverberi- “Nel Cimitero di Tuscon”
  6. Sroeng Santi- “Kuen Kuen Lueng lueng (Iron Man)”
  7. Golden Kids- “Nestuj a Pojd”
  8. Efek- “SS Til”
  9. Yishak Banjaw- “Segno Sra Allebign”
  10. Philip Jeck- “Barrow in Furness (Open Thy Hand Wide)”
  11. The Ventures- “Strawberry Fields Forever”
  12. Yves Tumor- “Role in Creation”
  13. Spree Revellers- “Einsamer Sonntag (Gloomy Sunday)”
  14. The Caretaker- “The Loves of My Entire Life”
  15. This Assembly- “Singers and Players”
  16. Porter Ricks- “Bay Rouge”